how to know the right iPhone for video making

How To Know Right iPhone For Video Making

Would you like to get an iPhone for video making? This story will be a good place to start.

Sometime ago, someone saw me making a video with my iPhone and was amazed I could do 4k video with just a phone.

Unfortunately, she does not know I do not just get a phone for getting sake. I buy with precision.

In my magnanimity, I decided to share few tips about digital marketing with her.

I knew she could increase visibility and sales if she would use digital contents better.

After having a few minutes discussion with her, she saw she needed a good phone to make great videos.

Interestingly, she could see that all I use for content creation was just my phone.

She requested that I should get a phone like mine to for her.

I gave her the price and gave her a contact that could bring the phone. After a while, she thought the price was high and decided to get the phone herself.

She got an iPhone 6s which looked exactly like mine. But she was not aware that the function was not in the outer look.

After a while she could no longer hold back the fact that her video quality was awful compared to mine.

The next time I was at her place, I decided to check her phone and I saw what the problem was.

That is the reason I am writing this article.

It is not all iPhones that can shoot 4k video. Yes!

If you would love to identify an iPhone that can shoot 4k video here is how to know.

1.       Don’t Pay Attention To Outward Look

Just like you cannot judge a book by the cover, the same is true about iPhones. An iPhone comes with different functional makeup and that is what makes the difference.

First, to make the phone cost-effective Apple makes a brand, for instance, iPhone 6s, for different grade of persons.

So they build it with different capacity, but the major internal function and hardware that determine the price of the different grades are the storage system.

As a result, the phones could look same but the storage capacity is different.

Ensure that you check storage capacity before you buy.

2.       Storage Capacity To Took Out For

What I found in the phone that the lady bought that was different from mine was the storage capacity.

She got it cheaper, but she got a lower storage that cannot carry 4k videos.

When you get a 32G storage iPhone for video making, chances are that it will not have 4k video function.

This is because 4k video consumes so much space in the phone and a 32G storage may not withstand this space consumption.

Go for a 64G storage capacity and above if you want to use your iPhone for video making.

Don’t get me wrong, a lower storage capacity can shoot video, but the quality will never be same with a 4k video format.

Check out different iPhones that are available online.

How To Check iPhone Storage

iPhone is not like an Android phone that you can easily find the storage when you scroll down in your settings.

On an iPhone you will need to go to setting, select General and then scroll down to iPhone storage.

When you touch iPhone storage, you will find the storage size for the phone. If you are buying a new iPhone, this  information will be in the pack.

Process >> Open Setting > General >> iPhone Storage. 

Here, you will see how many space the apps and other things are taking up in the phone and it will also tell you what the storage is.

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Note that you can only increase this capacity if you subscribe to iCloud space which you would have to pay for every month.

However, you can always backup your videos on a PC once you are done with the content. That is what I do. I back up to free up space for more video jobs.

If this is helpful, kindly share with your friends and leave me a comment. Thanks for reading.


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