how to add text to instagram reels

How To Add Text To Instagram Reels | Make Text Appear At Exact Point

You see, one of easiest things to do on Instagram is to add text to Instagram reels videos and make that text appear at the right point.

I am sure you have seen videos of people pointing their fingers at different directions and texts appear.

If you love it and wonder how to add text to your reels, you can watch the video at the end of short article.

When Instagram launched reels for users of the app, the target is to see that you can use the app to produce your video contents.

At least do simple editing, like adding text  and other emotions to your videos.

They also want you to stay longer on the app and that is why you can add text to reels using the app.

First, the app allows your to record a portrait video and also edit the video on the platform.

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Although the editing suite to Instagram reel is not so rich with functions, it will work well for anyone who wants to create a reel.

One of the things about the app is that you do not need so much technical knowledge to do the editing.

Just watching the video at the end of this short text is all you need.

In the few minutes video, you will see how to add text to Instagram reels and edit it to appear at the exact point it should.


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