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Canva Hack: Save Your Design Without Data Or Network

Do you know there is a way to save your designs on Canva without using network?

For instance, when you lose network at the time you want to save your design on Canva there is something that works.

It is easy to just save the work, adopting a different saving method.

Also, this helps reduce the amount of data that you could lose, when you save your Canva designs.

After you have put together your design, the one thing to do is to save it so that you can share it on your social networks.

If you lose network while trying to do this, you are likely going to experience some form of frustration.

In fact, something else could take your attention away and you will forget that you had some unfinished design on Canva.

If you ever find your self in this situation, this small suggestion here can help.

Use A Screenshot To Save Your Canva Design

Basically, screenshots are simple ways of getting what is on the screen of your phone without using network.

Every modern day phone has the capacity to do screenshots.

All you need to do is do a screenshot of your screen and then immediately edit the image by cropping it to fit.

For iPhone users, simply pressing the home button and the power button at the same time performs this function.

On Android, pressing the power button and the upper volume key together performs this function.

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That way you will get your image saved on your phone from Canva without using network.

This works for me when I am running low on data and want to save. It also works for me when I have network issues while trying to save my designs.

In fact, it works for both computer and mobile devices.

I hope it works for you too.

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